Firefox Browser with Windows 10 Community Activation Campaign

It’s very awesome thing that our Firefox Browser has bring almost all the features we love in Windows 10. This is almost complete new fresh look and a way to preserve your search engine choice.

To promote the Firefox Browser with its awesome features, I have organized a campaign in various clubs and cities. It started from 09 Oct 2015 to 25 Oct 2015.

In this campaign, I have met with some great people and successfully convinced them that Firefox is the best browser and so they made this browser default.



Events held in –

  • Pre-camp meeting with the Leads of Chittagong
  • Cox’s Bazar International University, Cox’s Bazar
  • Southern University Bangladesh, Chittagong
  • International Islamic University Chittagong, Chittagong
  • Port City International University, Chittagong
  • Windows 10 Community Activation with MSP in Dhaka

Event Preparation:

  • General Meeting with the Lead of the Universities
  • Train them for this campaign
  • Prepare them for the booths


  • Introductions
  • Share stories of Old Mozillians
  • FSA
  • Mozilla’s Mission and Projects
  • Flip participants back to Firefox in Windows 10
  • Share proof points of why Firefox is a great browser for Windows 10 at event
  • Train the participants how they can help their friends and family update to Win10 – Protect their defaults
  • Share on the social network, why Firefox is great for Windows 10


  • Swag
  • Snacks
  • Free WiFi





Pre-camp meeting with the Leads of Chittagong:

On 09 Oct 2015. This is a meetup with the purpose of this campaign. We were almost 12-13 people including the club leads and some best contributors of Chittagong. We discussed about the campaign and I shared them some blogs and videos regarding Firefox Browser in windows 10. After the discussion, we grabbed some snacks and finish the meetup.



Cox’s Bazar:

On 16 Oct 2015. This event finished with some good memories. In this city, this was the second event of Mozilla where first one held 2-3 years ago. So the people of Cox’s Bazar was really excited for it. I planned for two events in this city but I had to combine two events into one because of the long distance from my city. It’s almost 12-14 hours one way journey from my city. But the journey was quite good. I had to go there one day before of the event. I went the venue and that was in Cox’s Bazar International University and meet with the authorities of this institute. In the event day, we started at 09:30 am and finished at 01 pm. There were almost 120 people join including students, faculties, developers and general persons. Some honorable persons joint in that event. There were VC of Cox’s Bazar International University, Mr. Dr. Mohammed Abul Kashem; Registrar In-charge Mr. Mohammed Nazem Uddin Siddiqui and Dept. Head of CSE Nusrat Jahan Chowdhury and some other faculties. They were new with the Mozilla, so I showed them the mission, vision, products and projects of Mozilla. Almost all, had a very wrong thought that Firefox is the Mozilla, but I believe after this event they understood that their concepts were wrong. After then, I started to show the new fresh look Firefox browser in Windows 10 and its features. I showed how to keep this default browser in this OS. Then I showed some videos regarding Firefox browser.  Then I showed them why this browser is separate and unique from the other browsers. There were a lot of questions from the participants regarding this and I answered these very well. After this session, the Dept head gave an awesome announcement that Firefox would be the default browser of all the PC of the labs in their institute. Even, who brought their laptop, they did that instantly. Before finish the events, we provided snacks and the Dept head finished the event with a moral speech.

The local online newsportal also publish this event’s new: Link










On 17-22 Oct 2015. In this city, there were 3 events for this campaign. In this event some active mozillian helped to organize. They were Sharif, Shahadat, Porag, Rine. In every institute, there were booth for this campaign before the events. There the volunteers showed the videos and all the features of Firefox Browser. The venues are Southern University Bangladesh, Port City International University and International Islamic University Chittagong. There we did the same as agenda. At first we showed the Mozilla’s the mission, vision, products and projects. Then the seniors shared their experiences regarding Mozilla life. After then showed the new fresh look Firefox browser in Windows 10 and its features. We successfully convinced the authorities to make the Firefox browser as Default. At last we provided the shacks and took some photos. In these three events with booth, almost 250 people was informed and got touched regarding the Firefox Browser.









with MSP in Dhaka:

On 25 Oct 2015. In this day I organized a unique event for this campaign. Almost all the participants were MSP from various institute. 35-40 participants joint the event. Even, the MSP Lead of also joint the event. That was little bit challenge for me. At first I cleared their wrong conception that Mozilla is not the browser and I showed them the mission, vision, products and projects. After then I showed them some videos regarding Firefox Browser in windows 10. Then I showed them why this Firefox Browser is unique from other browser. How and why Firefox is fighting for the user’s privacy and security? Though there were some developers, so they understood the importance of this.  Lastly we provided the shacks and took some photos.








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Share the assets –





  • knows about latest Firefox: 350+
  • people will know about how to switch to Firefox is Windows 10: 350+
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