FSA Last Meetup of 2015



The abbreviation of FSA is Firefox Student Ambassador. A volunteer who is passionate about Mozilla and raise awareness about the many benefits of Firefox & other Mozilla products.

There are a lots of FSA in Bangladesh. They work in various pathways of Mozilla since the FSA program started. In our country there are at least 150 active FSAs and more than 500 occasional active FSAs. In Bangladesh there are more than 50 Firefox Clubs. Some clubs are really active and keep working on the missions and challenges of FSA program. There are a lot of histories of FSA in our country. But Today I won’t going to tell this. Today I am going to share about the FSA Last Meetup of 2015.




I became the Regional Ambassador Lead on 21 October, 2015. After then, because of MozFest and my final semester, I couldn’t meet the FSAs and the Club Leads. So I had to meet with them to introduce myself, take the event reports of last 3 months and a roadmap discussion for the 2016. Besides, this was a part of windows 10 campaign. So I made a meetup plan on 11:30 AM, 30 December, 2015 in Dhaka with the FSAs and Club Leads of Dhaka only. The date and time was not so suitable for all because now our semester break is running. So most of the FSAs are busy with their holiday and outside the city. I invited the FSAs using a registration form. More than 35 FSAs including 11 Club Leads from 11 Firefox Clubs joint the meetup. In this meetup there are some famous names comes in my mind; they are Ashcikur Rahman, Hossain Al Ikram and Md Anisur Rahman.




The Clubs:






On 30 Dec, I went the venue at 10:30 AM. It was KFC and it opened at 11:00 AM, so I waited outside for 30 mins. But during that time, some FSAs came to the place. All were familiar to me. Had an awesome hung out with them. We entered at 11:00 AM and took the largest place for the meetup. Within 11:30 AM almost everyone came and joint. We started the meeting after 11:45 AM. Before the meeting, we introduced ourselves so that we can familiar each other. Then I shared the Agenda of the meeting.






  • Introduce Each Other
  • Take Event Report since October’15.
  • Roadmap Discussion for 2016
  • Building new Firefox Clubs
  • Firefox for Windows 10
  • Last but not least, a lot of fun

After the introduction part, I took the reports from the club leads. and analysed the report, I felt great because there were almost 25 events held since oct’15 where 2 clubs are new. 6-7 FSAs were new, so I took them in a separate place and give some suggestions and told about the Mozilla’s missions, FSA’s missions and the Mozilla’s products. Told them what to do to open a Firefox Club in their institutes.

Later, I shared a basic plan what should we do in 2016 and what will be the activities of the clubs and FSAs. After some discussions with the Ex-Manager of FSA program, Miss. TJ and the senior FSAs, we made some awesome activities for them.


  • I and the senior FSAs will provide the FSA missions and challenge details to every club
  • Every Club Lead has to give us a monthly report of his Club
  • We will analyses the reports and declare Club of Month of Bangladesh. –> We will provide some swags for the club
  • This is applicable for the FSA. One of the active FSA will be consider as FSA of Month of Bangladesh.  –> We will provide some swags for him/her
  • We will help to plan for the MozClass




I believe, if we can continue this plan, each and every clubs will be active and FSAs will become more interested in this program. So the output from the FSAs will be great. People will know that which club is active what are they doing. Recognition will take a major part in this plan.

Lastly, after we  finish all the part of agenda, we took snacks and some pictures for a good memory. Before leaving the venue almost everyone became friends and added each other in Facebook and Twitter.

Actually, this is call community, this is call family and this is call the power of Mozilla. With all of the hope and love, I wanna finish my blog here.

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