Responsibilities of Bangladeshi Firefox Clubs Leads and FSAs

Firefox Student Ambassadors (FSA)

Firefox Student Ambassadors shall lead various Mozilla campaigns and projects with their creativity and resources in their respective colleges and universities. They are responsible for promoting Mozilla products and to encourage  students contribute.


FSA Program in Bangladesh

In 2013, in our country at first Ratul Minhaz helped to develop and grow the FSA program. He was the first Regional Ambassador Leads (RAL which means consisting of dedicated Mozilla Reps and exceptional Student Ambassadors, help advise the actions of Firefox Clubs and Student Ambassadors as well as coordinate marketing campaigns and community activities in their country) of Bangladesh. Because of his hard work, today the FSA program is taking a important role in the Mozilla Bangladesh. Some experienced FSAs and Mozillians are responsible for this situation and they are still working hard for the FSA program and help to grow the Mozilla Community.

There are more than 500 FSAs in Bangladesh, though all are not active. But still FSAs are the soul of our Mozilla Bangladesh because most of the contributors came as a FSA. Besides, in our country there are more than 50 Firefox Clubs but 20-25 Clubs are active, working as volunteers and spreading the lights of Mozilla.

More than 100 events organized by Leads, Mozillians and Reps in these Firefox Clubs. since 2013 with the help of senior Mozillians the clubs organized those events of Firefox OS, L10n, QA, SuMo, Webmakers etc.

Since November 2015, I am new the Regional Ambassador Leads. With the help of some experienced Mozillians, I have made a Role Model for FSA, Club Leads and Clubs. I believe it will help the FSA program (in BD) to more organized and FSAs will easily understand their role.

Here is the details of this model.

Responsibilities of FSAs:

  • Respect the each other.
  • new FSAs will take help from the Lead regarding Mozilla’s contribution areas and get uptodate about Mozilla.
  • Participate in every event of their club
  • Participate in the FSA’s challenges, campaign and activities.
  • Participate in other Mozilla’s open events like, Firefox OS, SuMo, QA, l10n etc and report to the Lead.
  • Contribute regularly in Mozilla’s Missions
  • Educate others about Mozilla’s mission
  • Help to grow the Mozilla Community


Responsibilities of Clubs and Club Leads:

  • Take permission from the University’s authority to open a Firefox Club (New Clubs and Club Leads)
  • If need any permission letter then he/she can collect this letter from RAL or E-Board (New Clubs and Club Leads)
  • Fix a date to organize an orientation event where RAL, Senior FSAs and/or other important Senior Mozillians/Reps can join to motivate them to contribute and teach them about the Mozilla’s mission and FSA activities. (New Clubs and Club Leads)
  • Next step will be very important for the Leads (Old and new). This time he/she has to recruits new FSA and help them to become active in this program. Besides, he/she will help them how to contribute in mozilla’s various functional areas like, Firefox OS, SuMo, QA, l10n, MDN etc. He will contact with the RAL and local reps(or senior mozillians) who are responsible for these functional areas and the FSAs will be monitored by them. So that the FSAs will find a right track to contribute in Mozilla.
  • Club leads and active FSAs have to organize some events regarding FSA’s monthly challenges, activities and Mozilla’s campaign in every month. RAL, Reps will help to organize these with a proper plan, budget, swags and agendas.
    • It can be a big event with 50+ FSAs
    • It can be a small meeting with 10-15 FSAs
    • It can be only the lead and the co-leads (Active FSAs of that particular club)
  • Every month within 5th day of that month, the Lead has to report to the local RAL. Report can be:
    • a summery blog of all events on that month or individual blog for every event. This blog has to be written by the Club Lead
    • Individual blog for every event. This can be written by other FSAs
    • Flickr link
    • Every month he/she will give Information about at least 2 unique active FSAs name. That means. A lead has to work hard to recruit at least 2 active FSAs. So that the club will remain active.
    • Even any of the FSA of that particular Club, join to any other Mozilla’s event, it also consider as activeness.
  • A Lead should takeover his/her successor responsibilities at least 5 months before he/she complete the University and mentoring and help the Lead to be a good lead for the club.
    • Recommend for the future Lead: Not suitable for the Last year students.

How to select a Lead:

  • Lead/Club members should propose names of new lead with profiles and list of their involvements to RAL/FSA leads from other clubs.
  • RAL/FSA leads from other clubs will prepare a short list based on their profile and club involvement and inform the club lead about the short list.
  • RAL/Assigned FSA lead will arrange a small exam/interview each of them who are short listed.
  • RAL select a lead based on the exam, the profile and club involvement. Inform the club lead and the selected new lead to make an formal announcement.

###There will be some modification.

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