FSA Last Meetup of 2015

FSA!!!   The abbreviation of FSA is Firefox Student Ambassador. A volunteer who is passionate about Mozilla and raise awareness about the many benefits of Firefox & other Mozilla products. There are a lots of FSA in Bangladesh. They work in various pathways of Mozilla since the FSA program started. In our country there are at least 150 active FSAs and […]

FSA Boostup Pre-Camp in Bangladesh

It’s very awesome thing that our Firefox Browser has bring almost all the features we love in Windows 10. This is almost complete new fresh look and a way to preserve your search engine choice. To promote the Firefox Browser with its awesome features, I have organized a campaign in various clubs and cities. It […]

How to Stop Auto Update of Windows 10 Permanently

Though most of us like the New Interface of Windows 10. But there is a very annoying system in the latest OS and that is Auto Update. This takes almost 90% bandwidth of our internet connection and our activity becomes very slow. So here is the procedure to stop this annoying auto update. 🙂 Go to search […]