Firefox OS App Training Day at BRAC University

Firefox OS App Train Day was arranged by BRAC University Firefox Club which is a wing of BRAC University Computer Club (BUCC) on 12th and 13th June 2015. It was an intensive two-day long event, attended by invited participants, members of the Firefox club, volunteers, mentors and speakers with the current lead of BRAC University Firefox Club. Day 01 […]

Workshop on Firefox OS App Development, Day 3

Do you heard about Firefox OS of smartphone? Firefox OS smartphones give you great features and apps which is a open source operating system with HTML,CSS and Javascript supported apps. In this workshop, we have discussed the features and requirements of Firefox OS and its versions to the Firefox OS class of 32 members.Also we talked about the supported languages. Showed  how to […]

Mozilla Awareness Booth @BRAC University

BRACU Firefox Club has organized a Mozilla Awareness Booth from 10am to 4pm. It was really great and had a massive response from the BRACU students. They were so pleased to know about Mozilla. Who wanted to join in BRACU Firefox Club, we arranged for signup where 86 students signed up and almost 50% of […]